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Amazon product listing in Dutch

Amazon set to disrupt the Dutch e-commerce market  

Amazon is the leading e-commerce player globally whose platform is visited by millions of people daily. The e-commerce website allows sellers to display many goods and has become one of the US’ most visited sites. Amazon is making its debut in the Netherlands. With the website going live on 10th March 2020. The store has millions of products available to both local and international shoppers. Curious how translated Amazon listings in Dutch can boost your sales, read the explanation below.

Effect of Amazon entering the Dutch e-commerce market

Dutch e-commerce players should not rest easy with the entry of Amazon in the Netherlands. The e-commerce site is a successful player that is known to evolve quickly, leaving competitors behind. As of December 2019, Amazon recorded total sales of $280.5 billion which is an improvement from their $232.9 sales in 2018. Amazon recorded consistent growth over the years and is set to replicate the same in the Netherlands.

As it seems Amazon already has an upper hand over traditional market leaders like, Coolblue and Marktplaats (an Ebay company). These e-commerce sites have dominated the e-commerce landscape and had an average turnover of just above 1 billion euros in 2019. However, with the entry of Amazon, they may need to come up with new strategies to keep their customers.

Besides its large size, Amazon will have several effects on the e-commerce industry. Amazon bulldozes its way into most e-commerce spaces and takes over. The high ranking of Amazon in the United States and Germany gives it an upper hand whenever they launch. The e-commerce site is likely to use its leadership position to edge out its competitors. and Coolblue lead the list of top ten of popular sites in the Netherlands, but will most likely lose this position as Amazon enters the Dutch e-commerce market.

How translated Amazon listings into Dutch can boost your sales

Additionally, launched its site with just over 100 million goods that are available to Dutch shoppers. The products on the site surpass by far those displayed on the leading Dutch e-commerce site Shoppers can find common items and unique items on the website. In reality, Amazon is on its way to becoming the biggest online shop in the Netherlands and will attract more shoppers.

The use of various tools such as Echo and the Dash button also gives Amazon customers a chance to own their experience. Shoppers can order by simply giving instructions to their Echo device and having it delivered to their home. The use of the voice assistant also gives Amazon a chance to recommend products to customers based on previous orders. On the other hand, the Dash Button which makes ordering with the press of your finger possible. These tools give Amazon an edge over its Dutch competitors in terms of upselling and cross-selling.

Local business to benefit from Amazon

According to Amazon, the diverse selection of goods on their platform is an opportunity to grow the business environment in the Netherlands. Dutch businesses signing up on the new platform can reach a wider audience both locally and abroad. The establishment of the site also gives businesses a chance to introduce new products and distribute them through a trusted partner.

Businesses in the Netherlands have the opportunity to sign up as retailers or third-party sellers. Retailers sell directly to Amazon as wholesalers, who then display their products on the site to interested buyers. The option is ideal for business owners that prefer a hands-off approach in their relationship with Amazon but still make money. Alternatively, third-party sellers have direct contact with the buyers on the marketplace and are responsible for all their product listings. Individuals can also sell items that they want to get rid of on the site. Whether the sale is once-off or regular, they get to control their sales, which makes them a perfect match for this option.

Additionally, local business owners will have other options besides and Coolblue to sell their products to online shoppers. Retailers can now compare the pros and cons of the various sites. Retailers can select the one that is suitable for their products. The entry of Amazon also brings in competition in terms of price and services offered to clients. In response, traditional sites are likely to add more value to their customers.

How Dutch translators can help, with well-translated Amazon listings into Dutch, you succeed on Amazon

Amazon has started “modestly” in the Dutch e-commerce space. Plans are underway to continuously increase the number of products displayed on the site. The products will match or even surpass those displayed on similar sites that are active in other countries. Already thousands of Dutch entrepreneurs have signed up to sell on the new Amazon site, hoping to make lots of profit. Restrictions on don’t apply to international sellers, this allows non-Dutch sellers from other countries to display their wares.

To increase your chances of making sales by using high-quality product listings, it is important to have the listing translated to Dutch.  Fortunately, working with a professional translator makes setting up your profile and descriptions much easier and effective.

Hiring a professional translator is a great way to connect with Dutch customers. The Dutch will value their language. Listings translated into Dutch help sellers connect easily with the buyer and their products because of the common language. Sellers that provide relevant information on their listings in Dutch also have a better chance of attracting customers. If you want to have a competitive edge over other sellers on the site, it is important to consider working with an experienced Dutch translator.


In conclusion, the Dutch e-commerce space will experience a shift with the entry of Amazon. However, with proper planning and use of Dutch translation services that will appeal to customers looking for your products locally or abroad.
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