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At Bulb Translations we have a sense of language and write English and/or Dutch flawlessly. We know the grammatical rules, take cultural and style differences into account and understand the difference between British and American English. Our translators write well-structured and easy-to-read texts. Most of our translators are specialized in a particular field, such as tourism or ICT, from a personal interest or background. Specialized in English to Dutch translation, but able to translate any language to Dutch. 

10 years of experience in translating English into Dutch

Bulb Translations has English translators with a great deal of experience in various fields and industries. By using native English-speaking translators, we can guarantee high quality and reasonable prices. Whether it concerns the translation of a contract or promotional texts: We have the expertise in-house. Our translators carry out all your translation assignments with a feeling for both language and culture.

At Bulb Translations, we help you quickly and effectively with a perfect translation of your documents. Whether it is English to Dutch translation, Dutch to English translation or any other language to or from English. The translator English selected by us always ensures that you receive a perfect English translation. Translating Dutch into English and translating English into Dutch are the most requested language combinations at Bulb Translations.


When you are going to work with a translation agency, it is important to coordinate the purpose of your translation. Based on your goals, you can make a better decision.

We understand that it is difficult. Many of our clients throw their translation over the fence. That is why we have set up an onboarding procedure for clients. Our extensive intake is one of the most important parts. The intake is mainly meant to set the goals.

Definition of localization

Localization is the process by which a product or service, such as a software package or a website, is tailored to the language and culture of a particular area or country. The complete experience is thus tailored to the target group. A localized website can therefore look different from the original (colours, reference material, quotes, currency).

Localization stimulates involvement

Localization goes far beyond the word for word translation of a traditional translation and uses words and phrases that resonate in specific markets.

Region-neutral translations are highly efficient but a tailored approach is often much more effective in convincing global clients.

Think, for example, of the difference between the words ‘orange juice’ and ‘jus d’orange’. The words mean the same thing, but one sounds much more common in Belgium than in the Netherlands. If you address certain markets in a language that is only relevant to those markets, you increase the chance that your brand will be fully understood and accepted.

Dutch localization
Editing Dutch content


Although proofreading focuses only on spelling, punctuation and spelling, editing goes even further. An editor will make adjustments and comments to enhance the overall content of your writing. We should concentrate on the words used, the overall style of writing, and readability.

“the difference between winning and loosing”

Editing such details to the highest standards may be the difference between winning and losing, because well-written, clear and error-free text can have the effect it should have.

Our team at Bulb Translations will happily support you with this and review your Dutch text, document or concept carefully, as we do not want to alter your copyrighted material, but to develop it in a way that delivers the highest quality.


Mistakes are common in Dutch. You may be as cautious and attentive to your job as you can, but often minor mistakes or accidents happen. In order to avoid these events from occurring, a double-checking approach will avoid and quickly eradicate them.

The best way to proofreading

We’re going to concentrate on your Dutch document, your website and even your business cards. We will review and double-check your texts or completed translations and analyze them carefully to identify and correct errors made in wording, style and spelling. We also test them for completeness and reliable replication of the source.

You can rely on Bulb Translations to do a comprehensive, quick and reasonably priced job on Dutch proofreading.

Dutch proofreading
Game Translation Dutch

Game Translation

Here we are, everyone’s linked, but we can’t quite understand each other through languages. Hardly anywhere is this more evident than attempting to play English video games for an foreign audience speaking another language. Supplying your video games on the Dutch market is very straightforward, but the challenge is how to involve Dutch gamers.

Mario and Luigi know why…

That’s why you need Bulb Translations. We have linguistic tools and game localization technology that will provide the best video game translation services. Our video game translators aren’t just trained linguists, most of whom are gamers themselves, offering the most detailed Dutch translations that connect with the Dutch gaming community.


Convincing, engaging blog writing is a ability that takes a Google-savvy writer and a constant flow of daily writing. Formulated with your online content keywords in mind and published on your website, blogs are one of the best methods to rank and achieve better Google rankings. But blog writing is a time-consuming skill that involves writing skills and SEO awareness.

The most popular blogs will feature eye-catching headlines, address concerns, discuss problems, and must include creative content writing.

Let Bulb Translations manage your blog to free up your time for more important tasks, such as managing your company.

5 brilliant ways to use SEO content writing

We will write an SEO focused blog in a number of words that suits what we’re writing about: for example, a detailed guide will get 1,000-3,000 words, whereas a news or hot-topic article should be a shorter read, about 500 words. Trust Bulb Translations with your content.

SEO content writing Dutch and/or English

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