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English to Dutch translation

The Netherlands? 

The Netherlands informally referred to as Holland is a small country located in the northwest of Europe. Its population of 17,424,978 resides in the entire country which is about 41,545 kmincluding water and land surface. The majority of its residents speak Dutch, the official language spoken in professional and casual interactions. Besides, the Netherlands, Dutch is the first language for approximately 23 million people worldwide. Another 5 million people have embraced it as their second language, making it one of the most popular Germanic languages.
Let’s go ahead and focus on the need for English to Dutch translations and how this can contribute to your introduction in the Netherlands.

Impact of Dutch heritage on language

Although small in size, the Netherlands and its official language has impacted the world. The Dutch language is the origin of several English words that have become part and parcel of regular conversations. Since both languages stem from Germanic languages, it is no wonder a lot of Dutch expressions have been integrated into the English language.

Modern Dutch words that have become part is mostly due to the Golden Age. During this period the Netherlands was a leader in art, military, science, and trade. Some terms are still used in the naval system and have their origins from Dutch words. This is due to the rivalry between the Dutch and the English at the time. Settlements in North America have Dutch influences. Revealing terms such as Brooklyn taken from the word Breukelen as well as Wall Street, from the Dutch word Walstraat.

Although the impact of the Dutch language in English has waned over time, it is still one of the top fifty spoken languages in the world. Native speakers still prefer to use Dutch in their official communication both within the Netherlands and international meetings.

Worldwide usage of the Dutch language

You would imagine that a small country like the Netherlands and its official language, Dutch, would have little or no speakers outside its border. However, that’s far from the truth because the language has been well embraced and spoken by millions of people worldwide. According to recent estimates, Dutch is the official language in at least six countries around the world. These countries are Suriname, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Also, some regions such as Caricom, Benelux, South America, and the European Union have a large population that speaks Dutch.

Officially, the number of people that speak Dutch worldwide is 23 million with another 5 million picking it up as their second language. The 28 million people in total have made the language rank third after English and German, on the list of most widely spoken languages. Besides, the millions that speak Dutch officially in their home countries, some smaller groups exist around the world. The pockets of people that speak Dutch, and number almost half a million are found in France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the United States. In Africa, the majority of Dutch speakers reside in South Africa and Namibia. Where their version of the language is referred to as Afrikaans. The number of speakers on the continent is about 16 million.

Planning to do business in the Netherlands? How English to Dutch translations help to create a successful business

Besides having an interesting language spoken across the world, the Netherlands boasts of a thriving economy. The Dutch are highly educated with almost 90% able to speak English and other foreign languages. The stability and economic power of its residents have made the Netherlands a key trade partner for countries in Europe and Asia. The Dutch economy has been growing at a rate of 1-2 % in recent years. It is expected to increase slightly making it a country worth investing in. Its main growth drivers are exports and domestic demand resulting in an evenly distributed high income per capita.

The Netherlands is a huge importer with its main trading partners being the United Kingdom, China, Belgium, Germany, and the United States. English speaking countries are the largest exporter in the country, which is a total of about 50% in exports. In light of this, businesses that seek to connect with customers in the country need to engage the services of companies that can assist them to translate English to Dutch and vice versa. Localizing content is likely to attract Dutch consumers that are open to new and innovative products, and are willing to pay for them.
The Dutch are known for their hospitality and have a government that supports entrepreneurship. Making it a great hub for business people. The presence of such support and open culture makes it easier to find partners and collaborate on different services that would benefit the populace.

Why English to Dutch translations are important

The Dutch are highly educated and can speak both English and a couple of foreign languages. However, they still prefer speaking in their native language and take pride in it, within and outside the Netherlands. Besides, speaking Dutch, the residents also use it while researching for goods or services online. Recent research shows that about 90% of Dutch residents are connected to the internet at home. Making them easier to target by businesses. Inhabitants of the Netherlands use their smartphones often when retrieving all kinds of information. Making it easier for them to make online purchases and recommend products as well.

If you want to appeal to your target market, you need to speak to them in a language they love. Hiring a company that helps translate English to Dutch is the first step towards introducing your goods or services. The majority of these companies can place information about your products in a context that appeals to your target market. The team is likely to have an indigenous Dutch to help contextualize information sent out online to various customers. The investment in Dutch to English translators and vice versa results in greater awareness. In addition, it increases your company’s sales. The chance to make contact with the Dutch market through their official language is worth trying out. For both new and established companies. Let our team at Bulb Translations advise you on how well executed English to Dutch translations can help you find your way on the Dutch market.

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