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English into Dutch Translation

Although small in size, the Netherlands and its official language has impacted the world. The Dutch language is the origin of several English words that have become part and parcel of regular conversations. Since both languages stem from Germanic languages, it is no wonder a lot of Dutch expressions have been integrated into the English language.

Impact of the Dutch language on the English language

Modern Dutch words that have become part is mostly due to the Golden Age. During this period the Netherlands was a leader in art, military, science, and trade. Some terms are still used in the naval system and have their origins from Dutch words. This is due to the rivalry between the Dutch and the English at the time. Settlements in North America have Dutch influences. Revealing terms such as Brooklyn taken from the word Breukelen as well as Wall Street, from the Dutch word Walstraat.

Although the impact of the Dutch language in English has waned over time, it is still one of the top fifty spoken languages in the world. Native speakers still prefer to use Dutch in their official communication both within the Netherlands and international meetings. 

English into Dutch translation services

In order for your company to prosper in the Dutch market, you would need to translate all your content easily, accurately and cost-effectively. Bulb Translations facilitates professional English to Dutch translation of a broad variety of documents and material styles, including:

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